Bowie Nature Park's Future Playground

The Treehouse Playground served the community of Fairview, TN for 21 years.  It was a meeting place for friends and families, a spot for birthdays and picnics and most importantly a place where memories were made. 

We, the next generation of Fairview Families, are now excited at the opportunity to create the next generation of playground for Bowie Nature Park and Fairview, TN. We will take on this challenge with the same enthusiasm and drive as the original team and create a playground that will last the next 20+ years. We will come to together as a community to create a playground that we can all be proud of and make lasting friendships along the way!

Once the Treehouse Playground came down, it was necessary to begin planning how to rebuild.  A committee was formed and from there work began with the Design Selection Committee.  They have worked diligently to vet Playground Builders, researched and visited other playgrounds and equipment, and finally selected a vendor.  After much deliberation about equipment styles and features, a design took shape.  This design was then presented to the Fairview Board of Commissioners and approved!  Below is a link to the full presentation.