The Original Treehouse Playground

Some of you folks may have grown up here in Fairview and already know all about the original Treehouse Playground, but some of you may not have. I (Megan) fit into the second category. I moved to Fairview in 2018 and wanted to get involved in my new community but wasn't sure that that meant or should look like. Then an opportunity presented itself, the community playground needed to be replaced and I wanted to help. I joined the Parks and Landscaping Board and then the Design Selection committee for the new playground. This story isn't about me though. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that even though I haven't been here long, I hope to leave a good mark on the community. And I invite all my fellow New-Comers to come out and get involved too! Help with fundraising, attend the events, any way you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!

Here is an article that was written for The Loblolly Times about The Original Treehouse Playground. I hope you enjoy learning the history and it inspires you to join our mission for building a new community playground!

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